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Welcome to my Merton site!

My name is Allison,and this is my site about Merton Dingle, or Danny Smith, from the show Big Wolf on Campus. Actually this site is merely for those fans who want to get to know the REAL Danny Smith through an interview I conducted with him a while ago.......enjoy the interview!

You ask, "Who is this Dingle Character?" Merton Dingle is the fun-loving, witty, and extremely hot character on the TV show "Big Wolf On Campus," which is on the Fox Family Channel weekdays at 3:30PM central time and 10:30AM central. He plays a semi-gothic, nerd, who helps Tommy Dawkins,the school jock, who is also a werewolf, in his werewolf adventures.
This site is dedicated to all those fans who love him ALMOST as much as I do. I first discovered him flipping through the channels after school one day. I thought to myself, "wow, this guy's really funny!" Every day as I watched it, I liked him more and more!

Note:I have recently had e-mails and such expressing concern about how this site is lacking of pictures, etc. This site is totally dedicated to the INTERVIEW, maybe I'll put up some links someday to LINK you guys to other pictures and stuff, other than that, i don't have much time to keep up the site, but, the INTERVIEW ROCKS! Thanks!

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Merton getting into a bind

Merton getting into a bind again!

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