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THE Danny Smith Interview

Everything you ever wanted to know about Danny...

Hey, Allison!

Thanks for sending me the interview. Let's see...

1.)could you (or have u already) make/made a homepage about yourself?'

DANNY SMITH: First of all - Hello! Okay, let's rock! About a year ago, I
put up a page at HANKWORLD.COM for DANNY GRAND PRIX, (my music), but if you
go there now, you'll see that it's "Under Construction". I'm really busy
right now, but I would like to get an official DGP website up soon.
Actually, I think if you go to a place called, they have a
review of some of my stuff. I am compared to Ben Folds Five at one point
which is totally inaccurate, though they are a fine band in their own right!

2.)Do u have a band called, "Hank"? If so, where can we get the music, and
do you play anywhere?

DS: I used to have a band called HANK, but I've gone solo under the name
DANNY GRAND PRIX. The other members of HANK are not pursuing music. I
played a show in L.A., (where I am right now), about a week ago at a club
called The Dragonfly, and the response was awesome! I had so much fun
playing live again, (it's been so long). The songs I played were all
original and they were: "HI-FI CITY", "I'M OK, YOU'RE DJ", "YELLOW FEATHER
I'm trying to get a record deal and there are a few major labels who are
interested. Cross your fingers for me, guys!

Last summer I recorded a 12 song album that has not been released yet. LISA
LOEB was one featured vocalist on the CD and she was really cool. We
recorded her vocals in Frank Sinatra and The Beach Boys' old studio at
Capitol Records in L.A! I love those guys! I was going nuts!! There were
definitely some "good vibrations" in the room that day. All the songs on my
album were original too, and they were: "THOROUGHLY", "SWIMMING", "JEN'S
FOR YOU" and an instrumental bonus track called "ANTEELOO". At the very end
of the CD is a hilarious phone message I received from an old friend,

I guess having just the song titles without knowing the songs is pointless,
but I thought it might be cool to have that info. :) Hopefully all of those
songs will be released one day.

3.) Are you anything like your character off of Big Wolf On Campus?

DS: Well, Merton and I are almost exactly the same height. Okay, that was
stupid. Umm, yes, Merton's sense of humour is mine. It's not even acting -
that's me! I mean, the writers of the show are cool guys who incorporate
many of my own catch-phrases into the scripts and when we're on set, there
is a lot of ad-libbing going on, (in a few episodes, there are scenes where
Brandon and I can be caught smiling when we shouldn't be, because of the
CONSTANT goofing around at work. "SANDMAN" is one episode I can think of
where I can be seen laughing or smiling - a few times - when I shouldn't

I think every actor's personality can be seen in the characters they play.
Also, I spike my hair like Merton so what you see on TV is pretty much
Danny. I don't dress "Goth" though, (are you stil my friends??)

4.)I heard thatyou have the habbit of smoking, I would like to know if this
is true or false.

DS: FALSE! I never have and I never will smoke! Smoking is a waste of
money, it KILLS you, and worst of all - kissing girls who smoke makes me
sick! Smoking is gross - don't do it!

5.)How old were you when you first became interested in acting?

DS: It always kills me when actors say, "I knew I wanted to be an actor when
I was 3 years old. I used to dress up in my parents clothes and run around
the house acting crazy, singing and doing skits...". EVERY KID DOES THIS!
Anyway, I did all the plays in High School and the summer I graduated I did
theatre for a year and then got into Film & TV. The first play I was ever in
was "The Wizard Of Oz" and I was The Cowardly Lion. There was little Danny
in a big furry costume strutting around singing "If I Only Had The Nerve"!
My first character was a coward and now Merton is a coward! Hmm....

6.) What are your future plans? Should we expect to see you playing any lead
roles in any upcoming movies?? (Your fans just can't get enough of you!)

DS: Future plans? Sleep. Well, if "my fans can't get enough of me" as you
say, then I'm sure they'll love my upcoming centerfold feature in PLATYGIRL
magazine. I'm kidding. No one wants to see that.

I really want to go to Europe this summer. I've never been and I'm dying to
go to London and Italy and Paris. My friend just got back from Rome and
Barcelona and he had the best time of his life. I wanna go, man! For now,
I'm hanging out at a friend's place in here in Hollywood. His name is Tom
and he's got some little movie out right now called "Mission:" something. I
don't know. His wife Nicole snores and it drives me crazy. (I don't really
know Tom Cruise. I did go to school with a guy named Tom Popovionovich, but
he's living off of the lunch money I "donated" to his cause every morning
before homeroom). Actually, I was a lucky boy who never got picked on or
into fights at school - I only get beat up on TV in front of the whole
world. Is that fair? :)

I'm going to be on a TV show called "HI-FI ROOM" on the Fox Family channel
appearing as DGP. I'll be doing one song and then I'll do an interview
after. Other bands on the show are Third Eye Blind, Christina Aguilera
(sp?), Hanson, Blink 182 and many more. I have no idea how the heck I got
on the bill! I'm shooting that in July, but I don't know when it airs.

7.) Who has had the most influence on you?

DS: I'm inspired by people who just go out and do it! It's one thing to
have a dream, but you've got to make it happen! My dream is to be on the
cover of PLAYGIRL, but that's already been established. Actually, right now
my dream is to have a sandwich. A glass of chocolate milk would be good,
too. There are certain actors I admire and many musicians, but I think my
biggest influence has to be Brandon Quinn. Of course, I'm joking. No, he
is a goof and a great friend and I thank goodness that he is on the show to
help make the 7 month shoot fresh and fun every day, (although there is an
odd stench every time he is in the room...). Brandon, my brother, I am
joking if you're reading this. Please don't hurt me. Seriuosly.

8.) What other hobbies do you have other than acting and music?

DS: I like to kiss girls.

9.)Is there a special girl in your life?

DS: My mummy.

10.)How can I go about getting an autographed picture?????

DS: I know! I get lots of requests for pics, but there aren't any right
now. Maybe if you ask Fox Family, they'll hook it up. I know there are
some floating around because I have signed some, (The picture was so ugly
though. Not that I'm Leo DiCaprio, but....).

11.) I hear you have a band that plays Beatle-beach boy type music.

DS: Umm, my music is more like Beck meets Radiohead meets The Rentals.

12.)Would you consider yourself a fan of either of those groups?

DS: The greatest band in the history of mankind is The Beatles. Period. I
have a Beach Boys obsession as well, particularly with Brian Wilson. I'm
not really into the "Surfin' USA" stuff, I love the albums "Pet Sounds",
"Smile" and "Friends" - that mid-60's era. "20/20" has a few good songs,
too. There is a demo version of the Beach Boys' song "Surf's Up" where it
features Brian singing at his piano alone and it is probably the most
beautiful and sad thing I have ever heard. Like Lennon and McCartney, Brian
Wilson is a master of melody and harmony. I think you can only get the
"Surf's Up" demo from the "Good Vibrations Box Set" which is crazy
expensive, but worth it.

13.)What is your favorite type of music, or group?

DS: David Bowie is my favorite solo performer of all time, (especially his
work in the 70s). Bowie is a huge inspiration - he is an amazing musician /
singer / lyricist, an accomplished visual artist (painter, sculpter) and a
really cool actor. He is a hero of mine. He is consistently creative. I
also listen to Blur, The Rentals, Sloan, Beck, Radiohead, Pavement, so

14.) How old are you?

DS: My birthday is October 2.

15.)Are you "freaky" in real life?

DS: Yes. I am "freaky" and Brandon is "stinky". Oh dear Lord, that boy is
going to bruise me. I'm a lot like Merton and I think that behaviour is
normal. So, if that makes me "freaky", well, by the sweet hammer of Thor,
"freaky" I am!

16.)is there a web page for your band "Hank"?

DS: see Question #1. Or see a movie, I don't care. :)

17.) will you be doing any other acting work in the future

DS: No. BWOC has scarred me emotionally for life. I can never step in
front another camera again without bursting into tears like a 6 year old
girl. Well, okay, maybe one more film. Two more. Ah, who am I kidding - I
will keep doing this as long as people are tricked into thinking I can
actually act! :)

18.) what would you sugguest to people who want to become actors

DS: Run. Run like the wind. Run away from this business like the innocent
little baby gazelle racing along the wide open fields of Africa away from
the salivating, predatory leopard. Or get a good agent.

19.)how do people get an acting agent

DS: In my case, I was in a play and the director referred me to the agent he
was with. I went in to meet him and he said, "So. You're in a musical
right now?", and he made me sing the entire soundtrack to "OKLAHOMA" in my
underpants. Okay, maybe that's not true, but I did have to sing a song from
"LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS" right there on the spot. That made me feel kinda
dumb, but hey, I've been with that agent ever since.

20.)how long does you think you will stay on "Big Wolf"

DS: I am under contract to do 48 seasons, so I'll be there a while. No, the
only thing I know for sure is that there will be one more season. I'll be
there with bells on.

21.)what is Merton's middle name

DS: I came up with the middle initial, being J, (another cool thing about BW
is that I spend a lot of time with the writers at work and after hours
working on scripts to make them as funny and entertaining as they can be.
The writers are really cool about using my suggestions, for example using
the initial J for Merton's middle name). I think it stands for Jenius. I
can't say what it stands for because that may be revealed in an upcoming

22.)Will there be a "Big Wolf" movie

I would LOVE to do a Big Wolf movie! It would be so fun to see Big Wolf on
the Big Screen. I have always asked that it be done, but there's been
nothing happening yet. First, we have to finish our 3rd season and then see
what happens. "DINGLE: THE MOVIE"! Ha ha ha! I would love that.

23.)What's your birthdate?
DS: October 2. And if anyone has access to backstage passes to Britney
Spears, you can send them to me as a gift!

24.)What's the last movie you saw and what did you think of it?

Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do. Last night I saw
"SHAFT", but I felt like I got SHAFTed out of my $8.00!

25.)How do you feel about having tons of fans?

DS: When we shoot the show in Montreal, we literally do not even see the
light of day sometimes. We work 14 hour days, and we even have to work one
day per weekend (doing voice-dubbing, having read-throughs, getting
Brandon's paws manicured). It is so exhausting and you start thinking, "is
anyone even watching the show?". I myself barely see any TV over those 7
months. So, whenever I get a letter or someone comes up to me and says that
they watch the show, it makes me feel great and it's cool to hear and it
really makes me wanna keep on going. I appreciate every letter I get, and I
read them all personally, and though I am sometimes slow in responding, I do
try to answer everyone at least once. My address is

26.)What words would you use to describe yourself?

DS: Tan-free. Repetitive. Tall, (Oops, I'm sorry - that's a word I would
use to describe Shaq. I often get us confused). Repetitive.

27.)Are you good at playing the piano? What level r u?

DS: Anyone who saw "SENIOR TRIP" knows I have a very special piano playing

28.)Do you like to travel?

Does Winnie like to Pooh? Yes! I've been lucky enough to visit many
beautiful and exciting places like Australia, Hawaii and the girls' restroom
on set. No, no, no. I've never been to Hawaii.

29.)To conclude this interview, is there anything you'd like to say to all
your fans?

DS: You guys rule! Thanks for everything and anytime you're in town, you
can stay at my place!


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