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"Pleasantville, a sleepy northern town with a tiny main street, library, post office, fast-food joints and one-camera TV station, where the biggest event is the annual town fair or Little League baseball games. It?ike all of smalltown America combined, until the day Pleasantville High?opular resident jock, Tommy Dawkins, is attacked by a wolf, transforming this tranquil hamlet into anything but ordinary. Tommy is now a werewolf and, like most young men suffering from lycanthropy, he must adjust to his new abilities and quirks. Aiding Tommy in this unusual coming-of-age process is his sidekick, Merton Dingle, a computer geek, who, like Batman?obin, enthusiastically joins his new best-friend in his upcoming series of misadventures.We are also introduced to Tommy?amily, including big brother Dean Dawkins, a harmless couch-potato who spends his life cruising cable TV and taking correspondence courses, Merton?ounger sister Becky Dingle, a sarcastic brat with a soft-spot for Tommy, and his parents, Sally and Bob, she the local TV news reporter looking for the latest headline story and he Pleasantville?ise mayor, who likes his town quiet and is about to get anything but that. Add to the mix local beauty Stacey Hanson, the head cheerleader with eyes reserved for Tommy alone, and the malicious Eckert Twins, Tim and Travis, two brawny bullies who will stop at nothing to grind Tommy into werewolf dust. Oh and there are also the monsters and madmen who will magnify the mayhem every week. Welcome to Pleasantville, home of the weird."
~Thanks to Telescene for this information~


Merton Dingle

Tommy's trused sidekick.

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